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Workshop dates: June 3 & 4

GECS Workshop

This workshop is intended to explore the opportunities and challenges that are presented by and for the use of games and game-based solutions in engineering and computer science education.

The workshop format will be highly interactive and all participants will have an opportunity and be expected to contribute. A variety of sessions are planned including individual presentations, panel discussions and group activities. The workshop has four main themes: game design, game development, implementation and assessment.

Participants will leave with an understanding of the various issues that are relevant to using games and game-based solutions in education in general and engineering and computer science education in particular. They will hear from experts as well as from other academics and researchers working in topics relevant to this subject. The workshop will also provide opportunities for networking among participants that is expected to lead to future collaborative efforts.

Note that this is a workshop. As such ALL participants will be expected to contribute in different ways. An important outcome of this workshop will be a report that will focus on the following key topics:

  1. The current state of video game use in engineering and computer science education.
  2. Opportunities and challenges for the use of games and game-based solutions in engineering and computer science education.
  3. Suggestions for effective design, development, implementation and assessment of games and game-based solutions in these disciplines.

The purpose of the report will be to guide future research in this area as well as to serve as an information resource for funding agencies interested in this area. The report and/or derivative publications will be disseminated widely through conferences and journals as appropriate.

Participants will be selected by the workshop planning committee based on their contributions to the field and potential to benefit from the workshop. The goal of the planning committee is to get both thought leaders as well as beginning practitioners from a broad range of disciplines and institutions.

Please see the REGISTRATION page for more information on the application process and selection criteria.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact Dr. Vinod Srinivasan (vinod at or Dr. Karen Butler-Purry (klbutler at